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Destination Wedding France

Lorraine’s speech

“There are moments in life when time stops… They are spontaneous, timeless and they remind us that there’s nothing like living in the present. Today, I invite you to stop time and fully live this moment, the moment of a journey, the wonderful journey of Flore and Vincent.

This afternoon we are boarding on this flight, sure with apprehension but above all with magic for those two hearts beating as one.

This flight will land in the center of the universal definition of love,

Love with a capital L, the love which unites Men and Women from all over the world, which is written and spoken in every language (Je t’aime, I love you and even in Dutch Ik hou van jou) and which always praises gratitude, kindness and devotion.

From this world tour we are taking today, we can see the mountain’s peaks, mountains which symbolise strength, robustness, magnificence, inner fire and which are full of legends.

In this part of the world, it is said that once upon a time, the Mountain and the Glacier Peak were one single mountain. It is said that in this peaceful mountain chain, a shepherd fell madly in love with a young shepherdess… One moonlit night, they swore eternal love to each other.

One day, when an old and rich merchant came into the region, and also fell in love with the young sheperdess, their peaceful love was disturbed. To get the young girl’s hand in marriage, the merchant offered gold to her parents, and they agreed. The young lovers heard about this arrangement and ran away.

They walked straight ahead and found themselves blocked by the mountain rocks. The whole village was already on their track….

Trapped by this gigantic and natural wall, they prayed the Gods to help them. Not far from there, a giant heard their lamentations and came running to rescue them. Moved by the depth of their sadness and the unbearable feeling that they could be apart forever, the giant tapped the mountain with such strength that it split in two. A passage allowed the two lovers to take the path of their liberty and allowed them to fully live their love.

The giant grabbed the merchant and imprisoned him in a cave… a cave from which his tears are still pouring into a wonderful cascade that sublimates the mountain as well as the story of this couple, ready to love one another no matter the difficulties they would face in life.

There are countless love legends in our world…

such as Tristan and Izeute, Paul and Virginie, the Taj Mahal lover…

Flore and Vincent, it is now up to you to organise this sublime world tour, to perserve its richness, to make it a strength in difficult times, to ripen your Love so that it will reach the highest peaks, to start a luminous home day after day, hand in hand. This journey will be long, but don’t wait and start it now.

To you, my cousin, my sister, the little girl you no longer are… The woman you have become has found her balance and wisdom. In this world you were able to find the man who makes your eyes sparkle and you found peace, your inner peace, all those concepts that you ignored before and I know that the man of your life, Vincent, wll be there to guide you towards a wonderful life, filled with kindness, fulfilment and happiness.

Be happy… and on behalf of everyone gathered here today, we love you!”

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