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Drew & Anouska - Iceland elopement photographer - Iceland vow renewal photographer

It was a long shot, she thought, but Anoushka decided to give it a try and email me when she was looking for an Iceland vow renewal photographer. We were both in a different corner of the world, she found me online. Asking if I would photograph their Iceland vow renewal never hurt anyone. Of course I was enthusiastic immediately.

Iceland is a magical place. Everything you heard and read about Iceland is true. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. The people and the horses friendly. The air is fresh and you get all four seasons in a day - at least five times. The memories made adventuring to several locations made Andrew and Anoushka’s vow renewal even more meaningful.

If you are looking for an Iceland elopement photographer or an Iceland vow renewal photographer, look no further. My husband Erik and I have captured precious moments for several couples in Iceland. We did quite a bit of location scouting on previous trips. This was Drew and Anoushka’s first time in Iceland. They did see a bit of it on screen as Anouska is a huge fan of the Game of Thrones series. She read the books and saw the TV series. And she knew there are quite a few Game of Thrones Film Locations in Iceland. Now, please do not spoil GoT for me! Some friends watched a few episodes with us but there is so much of the series we haven’t seen yet! I am waiting for the right moment to binge watch all episodes of all seasons so, hush! Þórufoss Waterfall and Hengilssvæðið in Thingvellir National Park were off our route, just like some locations in the West and North of Iceland, like Kirkjufell, but the area around Vik has been used for some “beyond the wall” footage. We understand why Iceland’s pretty landscape was chosen by the Game of Thrones producers.

We picked our new friends up at their apartment when they had just arrived from Keflavik International Airport. Jet lagged and tired they could relax in our spacious 4WD car. Erik was happy driving the route we plotted beforehand. For their photo session we took two days to visit several magical locations on the South Coast Region in Iceland.

Day 1 - Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon and Diamond beach

Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoonis, as the name says, a lagoon where large pieces of glacial ice are floating towards the sea. The glacier is melting, which is of course very sad. The sight when it first pops up when you get to it though..... Our first stop was in fact Diamond Beach, the beach where the sea spits giant chunks of ice back onto the black sand. Our intention was to take dark and moody photos. But Drew and Anoushka must have carried the good weather with them - we got sun and pastel skies in Iceland!

At Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon there were considerably less ice chunks in the clear blue water than in summer when we were there with Danielle & Matthijs. I do love how this spot doen’t look the same even on two days. This too was a great spot to visit, to be in awe of the beautiful Icelandic landscape and of course for photos.

After spending some time admiring the glacial lagoon and the wild Ocean at diamond beach, we set out for a different location. We took some lefts and rights along the way that brought us some gem of a location. I have no clue what it’s called and maybe that is the magic. As an Iceland elopement Photographer I love to adventure with my couples - and my dear husband of course. It is so much fun to be with the one you love and see other people so in love and to create beautiful images for them.

Location: Jökulsárlón, Iceland.

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